I have spent many years travelling, living & working in various parts of the world, encountering some beautiful people and places. On returning I had time to reflect and realised I had a burning desire to work with furniture, so I began to experiment.

 I started out painting a chest of drawers, igniting a passion which has now become my true calling. As someone who abhors furniture going into landfill, this was an opportunity for me to breathe new life into a used piece that I found. It has been an interesting journey, full of mistakes and learning along the way but, I am proud that I can honestly say I have a truly home grown business. I’ve taken inspiration from all aspects of my travel and life experiences. Creating alluring, bespoke furniture. I return the beauty while maintaining functionality. My pieces are unique, authentic and treasured.

I hope my art brings as much pleasure to the new owner as I find in creating it. I love that each piece is bespoke, has a unique style and is designed with passion. From smaller occasional tables to larger statement pieces, there’s something for everyone. I absolutely adore what I do and welcome you to be part of my journey.

From my heart, to your home

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