Pink Bunting cottage - £15


rustic cottage. bunting. pastel pink. wooden houses. upcycle shabby chic

Pink Roses cottage - £15


rustic cottage. wooden houses. upcycle shabby chic, sky blue, paper roses, wooden stops

Phone Box cottage - £15


rustic cottage. wooden houses. upcycle shabby chic, old phone box, bunting, pine trees

Washing Day - SOLD

Urban scene - SOLD

Windmills & hay bales - £40


Windmill rustic cottage. Wood.
Windmill rustic cottage. Haybales
Windmill cottage. Thatched roof
Upcycled rustic cottage. Wood.

Lighthouse coastal scene - £50


Coastal scene rustic cottages
Rustic cottages, bike, lighthouse
Tiny bike, tiny washing line
Pistachio boats, lighthouse

Scarborough beach huts - £35


Beach huts, vw campervan, windbreak
Life saving ring, deckchairs vw
Seaside, windbreak, beach, deckchair

A lazy days fishing - £40


Fishing pistachio boats flowery roof
Tiny handmade campfire, deckchair
Upcycled wood cottage, rustic


A week in the country 

Vw camper, swings, slide
Pretty bunting, pine trees
Handmade swing and slide, playground

The Village Inn - £40


Up-cycled wooden village scene, pub
wooden bus, village inn, bench
Wheatsheaf Inn, street lamps

Al Fresco lunch - SOLD!

rustic cottage. wooden houses. upcycle shabby chic, al fresco, wooden tree

Love shack - SOLD!

rustic wooden cottage, love shack, upcycled wooden display